Snowy Wings Blog Hop Feature Author: T. Damon


Book 1: The Forest Spirit


A drastic change within an enchanted Forest occurs in The Falling, the mystical first volume of The Forest Spirit series. An upheaval of normalcy affects the various kingdoms of mythical beings and animals caused by a Higher Spirit’s fall from grace. Now it’s up to a group of the smallest and most oblivious of creatures, the nymphs, to save their Forest and reinstate the Forest’s spiritual balance of good and evil. Narena, her brother Nyxen, and debonair warrior Kellen join forces with a sassy faery, wise salamander, and human witches to discover that even the tiniest of beings can create an enormous impact on the world around them.

A middle-grade fantasy adventure perfect for fans of Emily Rodda, Brian Jacques and Sandra Forrester!

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Book 2: The Haunting


A new king is crowned in Nymph Kingdom, and shortly afterward a portal to the underworld is opened; releasing ghosts, beasts, and horrifying creatures. Goblins run rampant and kalpies move about at their whim, causing death and destruction in their wake. The Forest has fallen into darkness, and now a full-blown haunting is upon it.

In this riveting sequel to The Falling, Felix, the inexperienced warrior son of famed nymphs Narena and Kellen, must prove his worth as a warrior to his parents and Garmon, the grumpy leader of his army, by ending Rowan’s reign and closing the doorway to the underworld. That is, if he doesn’t get distracted by beautiful warrior faery Eleonora first. 

An epic middle-grade tale involving spirits, witches, animals, and undines, The Hauntingdelves into the deeper deterioration of this enchanted Forest and the struggle of unyielding power. Could there be hope for the kingdoms of the Forest, or are they doomed to succumb to the underworld?


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Book 3: The Reckoning


Product Description

An ancient coven of sibling warlocks known as the Controllers has returned to the Forest, dead set on continuing the destruction of the spiritual balance among the kingdoms of beings and animals. Someone has released them to further implement the downfall of the Forest—but who?

Once-protected portals are no longer being guarded, zombies roam freely at will, and more and more beings of light are succumbing to possession from the inescapable negativity that is now commonplace. The Forest has reached its time of reckoning, and it seems as though all hope to save the kingdoms may be lost forever.

Unless, of course, King Felix, Queen Eleonora, and their multi-species army are able to stop the Controllers before they destroy the Higher Spirits once and for all, prompting the entire Forest to fall into complete and utter ruin. But will they succeed before the Forest descends entirely into darkness?

The third magical book of the Forest Spirit Series, an epic middle-grade fantasy series perfect for fans of Emily Rodda, Brian Jacques and Sandra Forrester.


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Book 4: The Awakening


The epic conclusion to this middle grade fantasy adventure is here!
After nearly a generation of wary unrest in the Forest since the time of the reckoning, the ogres finally arrive and all hell breaks loose. The kingdoms are falling apart, the last remaining Higher Spirit is weak, and Gorgon only grows stronger and more powerful, basking in all his chaotic glory. The secret to stopping the ogres and saving the Forest from Gorgon’s tyrannical rule could lie with the gnomes—who are still nowhere to be found.

In the fourth and final installment of The Forest Spirit series, King Felix and Queen Eleonora’s multi-species army are joined in their quest to regenerate the Forest by several unlikely warriors, all set on defeating Gorgon’s reign and returning the kingdoms to their prior normalcy once and for all. When the beings and animals of the Forest no longer have anything left to lose and re-balancing the Forest becomes a family affair, only one result can inevitably ensue—an awakening to the truth.


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Guest Post

I’m a big fan of horror movies and it tends to show in my books… they’re not scary per se but I try to incorporate spooky elements where I can, especially in The Haunting (Book 2). I also pull a lot of inspiration from books/movies like Lord of the Rings, Stardust, and Van Helsing, as well as old 50s Universal monster movies, like Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and anything with Vincent Price. I’m a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe’s works and the Price movies that resulted from those stories (I even went so far as to name my daughter Lenore). I love the gothic Victorian classic novels like Frankenstein and Dracula as well, and that style of writing often shows up in my novels. I love Tim Burton’s aesthetic so a similar ambiance is what I strive for in my books as well. 

My favorite movies to watch around Halloween are The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, The Cabin in the Woods, The Conjuring, and Insidious. I’m a sucker for candy in general but for Halloween I tend to gravitate towards Reese’s peanut butter cups and sour patch kids. 

In terms of upcoming events/releases, I really only have one to report: I’ll be working the Snowy Wings Publishing booth at the Portland Book Festival on November 9th. Unfortunately I don’t have any upcoming new releases at this time (though I’m hoping with the gloomy winter season approaching that will change in the coming months!). In addition to the Forest Spirit series, I do, however, have two YA contemporary novels published under the pen name K.L. Teal, entitled A Girl Named Dracula and Anthropoidea. 

A Special offer for the Holidays! Get all four books signed for only $49

About The Author

Karen Damon has been imagining new tales and bringing them to life through her writing since she was a young girl growing up in Burlingame, California. Though oddly enough, most of her professional life has been in the zoological field, where she volunteered at the San Francisco Zoo and worked as a tour guide at Safari West in Santa Rosa for many years. Karen always assumed she would make her career in the animal field, as she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology, but her passion for writing was a fire within her heart that was not to be ignored.

Aside from writing, in her spare time she enjoys studying astrology, tarot, and anything magical or mystical.

Through Snowy Wings Publishing, as T. Damon, Karen is the author of The Forest Spirit Series (The FallingThe HauntingThe Reckoning, and The Awakening, available now), an original faery-tale fantasy series for middle-grade readers.

Other works can be found as K.L. Teal., notably the inventive novel, A Girl Named Dracula.


My main website to download Book One of The Forest Spirit series is 

My social media are @tdamonauthor for Instagram and Twitter (though I’m not on twitter much), and


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A paperback of Life and Death & Gods and Demons by Selenia Paz

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October 31st – Sarah Dale / Sucker for Coffe



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