Personal Assistant Services

Author Personal Assistant Services:

Is social media taking over your life leaving you with little time to write? Did you ever wish there were two of you to complete all the tasks and demands of an author? Never fear author personal assistants are available to help you.

I’m here to offer you the assistance you need so you can get back to what you love- writing.

Examples of services offered:

sending out and managing a review team
creating and managing a street team
social media management (Facebook and Twitter)
set up of Thunderclaps
Host Facebook Parties
Sign up and post on your behalf at Facebook parties
chose winner of contests and contact them sending you the necessary information
promote on social media
set up blog posts and/or host a tour
If there’s anything else specific you need or are interested please contact Ashley Martinez by filling out the contact form on the Contact Page for pricing and more details.

I’m also offering beta reading and review services. Click Here for more information.