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Your life is your dream,

-if you can dream it, your can live it-


Living in Gibraltar, having earned an MBA and being a member of the ACCA, T. M. Caruana is an author who likes doing too much rather than too little. Apart from consuming too much coffee and chocolates she also enjoys writing complex stories with a vivid imagination, manifesting in new worlds and versatile characters. Having always been a free spirit at heart, her dream had always been to write fantasy novels in which to escape to. Your life is your dream -if you can dream it, you can live it-.






The Eternal Quest Breaker Series’ Book Series Description

The series has a main female protagonist who is a SUperSYmmetric (SUSY) force in human form and has the power to create mass. She is battling her views of physical existence with her mirror force Balinor, who has the power to create souls. As Susy is aware, from her future visions, that Balinor’s grandson has plotted against her to bring back Cosmica; a society of bodiless souls, she has resorted to a grand scheme to ensure the seven worlds future are secured. Although, she doesn’t have the power to control everyone and Balinor’s grandson is also skilled in scheming and overcoming Susy’s design; using forbidden spells and manipulation. Susy therefore leaves clues in prophecies to hand down to her daughter Lucia, (Lucy), who becomes the next pawn in the game. Lucy struggles with this role where she ponders over her views of the moral quandaries of the two theories of existence as well as her internal struggles of how her actions affect humankind.

Symmetry Blurb

Susy finds herself deep within CERN, isolated with no recollection of her past. Her dear cousin and only friend, leaves unexpectedly and bestows upon her a mysterious key-like jewel as a farewell gift. His sudden departure drives her to escape from the facility where she encounters the members of the Honorary Knight Order. They have searched in every corner of Earth for Susy and the map that will lead them home. In the completion of their quest they face many obstacles and challenges as they realise that Susy has lost more of her powers and memory than they had previously anticipated.


The Earth, affected by Susy’s extended stay, continues to deteriorate as the members of the Order hunt for the missing power stones, lost since the time of Susy’s kidnapping. Whilst on their journey, Susy struggles to remember her true connection to them, as they try to infiltrate her senses. Love and secrets delay the completion of the mission and concerns grow that the balance of life will not be re-established in time.





The Prophesied Sorcerer Series

Blood Moon, black dragon and six simple lessons. Can Zora stop the sorcerer’s curse?

During the Rite of Familiar ritual, under the decennial Blood Moon Eve, Zora is lined up on stage to connect with her spirit guide. She prays that she will receive a rare animal familiar, which will give her access to advanced magical abilities, but soon wishes that she could revoke her prayers when she sees the fear in her godly mother’s, never before, panicked face.

The familiar that bonds with Zora brings about an ancient magical prophecy of a Dragon King who cursed the world to end after his queen had stolen his four heir eggs. Three, the queen hid, but one was lost to the underworld and prophesied to rise to Earth as the most powerful sorcerer to ever walk the world.

But the prophecy also tells of an irresistible love, who would be the only one able to bind the evil sorcerer’s powers by a kiss of deceit.

“Zora, what is your purpose in life?”

“To kill the sorcerer.”


Arakzeon City Blurb

Arakzeon City, a peaceful society where the Navitians and the Emphulettes live in harmony, after having made the Wiccors extinct, takes an ugly turn for the worse.

Marcus is the son of Mayor Gustus Gravelleli, a man who has dedicated his life to politics and has this year decided to run for President. Having criticised controversial views on the two remaining races’ ability to coexist, Marcus remains but only a shadow in supporting his father’s career, especially as his childhood crush, Megan, is Navitian.

Being an Emphulette means that Marcus can feel living creatures’ emotions and already knows that his tremendous love for Megan is reciprocated. Being a Navitian and hence able to determine the purity of any soul, Marcus fears that Megan can see evil inside him. Despite the mutual love, she has kept her distance. What he doesn’t know is that she carries a secret, a fatal secret that would not be safe in Marcus’s hands. A secret that could keep them apart forever.



The Last Wolf Fae Blurb

Compassion, love and rivalry. The larger, grey wolf pack hasn’t interfered with the endangered red wolf pack since the Blue Wolfprint Treaty was formed. This doesn’t mean that as humans they have to agree on issues of politics. Arguably, the world’s resources and humankind’s compassion are declining with rapid speed and the red wolf alpha, Alfred, wants a change. But at what cost?Twelve competitors are enticed into a highly classified governmental experiment by a cash prize of £500,000. The rules are simple; enter a fully stocked supermarket, with permission to consume its products, without announcing your starving surrender. Unaware that the ultra-expensive government project, Green Skyway is at stake, the competition steps up to a whole new level as death falls upon the competitors and everyone is forced to learn of their own animalistic instincts.There is one decision in particular that Alfred comes to regret. As his emotions for Tasha grow stronger, he also realises there is something different with her. A quality he thought had become extinct long ago. As Tasha’s life hangs from a thread, Alfred knows he has to sacrifice everything to save her. What will happen to the Last Wolf Fae?


Symbolism: Animals kill for survival – humans do too. Are we really that different from each other? Both kingdoms elect rulers, but follow leaders. We all kill to live and live to love. None of the species are thinking about the long-term effects of their actions for future generations and how our decisions today will shape the world they will live in. If the cause and effect could be demonstrated in a microenvironment, having twelve competitors captive with resources similar to Earth…and running out just like Earth, would we learn something from it? Perhaps it is time to re-think the importance of every life, every natural resource and every kind action.



DrakElla – Ransom of the Dead

Caught between the law, love and a secret society, will Ella achieve justice?

Catching supernatural crooks freelance, earns shitloads of money! Shitloads of money don’t mean safety though, and I knew today was going to be a rough day, with potential for a lot of violence. I hid my eyes behind the ‘Bad Boys’ sunglasses, shot Commander Procter a saluting finger with my pretend ‘Banger’ and headed down the corridor of the Supernatural Congress Unit’s headquarters. Case noted. A scandalous Mayoral daughter gone missing after a drunken birthday party night, a ransom note and a very unhappy Mayor. Not good for elections, the government nor the SCU. Granteor didn’t tolerate supernaturals in society and finding a missing girl among vampires, without revealing my own identity, added to the danger when having to tip-toe around the Defence Officer, Ricky and the nosy reporter, Jacqueline.





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