Betrayer by Shawnee Small

Betrayer (The Shining Ones Book 3)

The betrayer isn’t always who it seems.

The Tybee Ripper murders have been solved and the killer put to rest, but Poesy Wharton’s not out of danger yet – and now that their relationship is out in the open, even Adam Brightstar’s otherworldly gifts might not be enough to save them from a supernatural death sentence.

Yet it is a secret from Adam’s distant past that may prove to be their ultimate downfall. As an unexpected visitor wreaks havoc between them, Poesy must face her feelings and make a decision that will alter the course of the future . . . to stand by the creature who would sacrifice himself to keep her, or to run with the boy who desperately wants to save her.
But in the end, sometimes love isn’t enough.


About the Author:

Shawnee Small is the bestselling author of Watcher and the Shining Ones series.

She began writing the first book in her new adult urban fantasy series, the Shining Ones, in early 2010. Drawing on inspiration from her life abroad, as well as, her time in the Goth subculture of the ’80s and ’90s, Watcher was published in February 2012. After a writing hiatus, Protector (Book Two) was released in February 2016 with the third book in the series, Betrayer, out January 2017.

She is currently working on several projects including Destroyer, the last installment in the Shining Ones saga, and a brand new paranormal series.

Keep up with Shawnee at her blog


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