The Queen of the Cow Towns Giveaway

The Queen of the Cow Towns: Book 2 of The Soiled Dove Sagas by Lori Beasley Bradley

Roxie Edwards loses everything. Her husband has disappeared and her and her children in a frigid mining camp. Her children fall ill and perish. She sends for the only real friend she’s ever had, Mattie Wallace. Mattie takes her back to Dodge where she resumes a life in the Trade, selling her body to survive. Then one day, her past comes back to slap her in the face. She has to decide if she can trust or love again. Roxie is forced to face her fears and disappointments in the rugged Colorado Rockies. She swore she’d never step foot in Colorado again. Roxanna Edwards has to make a decision. Will she remain Roxanna Edwards or will she abandon all hope of a normal respectable life and return to being Roxie North, a woman in the Trade. She can’t be both.

#Giveaway Buy any two paperbacks in the Soiled Doves Saga get the third one for free! More details here:


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