Harrow’s Gate

Harrow’s Gate

15328184_10102052174378003_1310066565_n.jpgAt twenty two, Leland is excited about his foray into the adult world, as his father Franz Niva sends him on a low risk assignment to learn the family business of shipping. Along the way, his father’s right-hand man Carter Wayne keeps a close watch on Leland, and his own son Tommy, as the two friends work, and experience life together.

In the far, and exotic city of Tiquan, Leland and his friend Tommy Wayne take their liberty from the ship to explore the cobblestone streets bathed in the city’s yellow gas lamps. There, in an upscale hotel they find three very flirtatious ladies.

As Leland’s eyes meet Ella’s, the world falls hush, and two beating hearts echo with passions that will bring two warring houses together. But, there is little time to bask in spring’s young love, as a greedy and spiteful nation, Burkermuran, levels its bombs and war machine upon the ill-prepared citizens of Tiquan.

Ella, and her two friends find themselves at the mercy of vicious Burker agents, only to be rescued by Leland and Tommy. This sparks a fearful escape from the burning Tiquan, into the hinterlands of the continental interior.

Pursued from the sky and on the ground, the lovers find themselves in league with a rogue sky captain – more noted for his smuggling than his kindness. Those inexperienced youth will find themselves tested by their enemies, a mystical oracle, the desert and the Desert Ghosts that dwell there – and from the ashes of war, they will rise stronger and wiser than they ever imagined possible.

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More About the Author

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61rVsdrgfoL._UX250_.jpgLawrence BoarerPitchford is the author of such works as Thadius, The Lantern of Dern Blackhammer, Sawbones, In the World of Hyboria (Book 1 Grim Determination and Book 2 The Ties that Bind), as well as the cheeky novel Tales of Mad Cows and Brothels.

Lawrence works and lives in the Sacramento region of California.

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One thought on “Harrow’s Gate”

  1. Hi, I’m Lawrence BoarerPitchford – the fellow with the very long… last name. :O)
    Harrow’s Gate is a wonderful action adventure book that will leave you filled with a sense of longing for a world composed of steampunk works, alien races, ancient technologies, and a Victorian charm!
    I hope you like the novel and recommend it to others. If you want to engage me in chat about the book, or any of my other books, feel free to reach out to me at the website and use the Contact page to send me a note. Also, I’ll monitor this site and engage as I can.

    All the best for the holidays and lots of love and passion to you all.
    ~Lawrence BoarerPitchford


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