Haunted Delphi by Lori Beasley Bradley

~HAUNTED DELPHI by Lori Beasley Bradley~
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Delphi Rubidoux was out of the country when her coven was brought before the High Council of Witches in New Orleans on charges of using the banned Loup Garrou curse, and were subsequently disavowed of their powers. On her return, Delphi finds her island home has been looted by the locals, and is warned her powers will be taken away as well if the Council finds her.

Local fisherman, Branson Grace, thinks all the spooky tales about the island are nothing but folklore, so when he decides to visit, he does so without a thought to the rumors. He stumbles across Delphi and is determined to discover what she’s so afraid of, and also hopes to ease her loneliness.

But Delphi hasn’t been alone. The spirit of Clovis Rubidoux has been watching her for years, as he patiently awaits the return of his beloved wife, Collette, whose spirit he firmly believes is inside Delphi’s body. But his patience ends quickly with Branson’s arrival. The couples’ attraction to each other is obvious, so Clovis knows he must hurry to possess Delphi in order to reunite with his beloved Collette. If he saps Delphi of her strength and takes her life, he’s certain it will free his wife’s spirit and they will be reunited once again.

Will Branson be strong enough to save Delphi; or is the power of the coven–and a ghost on a mission–just too much for one man and one woman to handle?
This paranormal romance is a continuation of the Tales of the Black Bayou Witches and The Legend of the Swamp Witch.


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