Sidetracked in Silver City Honey Beaulieu – Man Hunter Book 2 Spotlight

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“I’ve been waiting for you.” He swung his feet to the floor and stood. “I’m Marshal Larry Bauer. You’re under arrest for violating the gun ordinance.”

Well, hell…


Honey Beaulieu, the heroine you always wanted to be!

Wanted: Boyce McNitt, $500, Last seen in Winnemucca, Nevada

That money would sure help buy the farm Honey needs, and she plans to capture McNitt and claim the bounty.

She’s Determined

But Mama’s in jail! Honey has to do some fast talking to head out of Fry Pan Gulch to chase after Boyd McNitt….

She Defies the Odds

Honey’s not about to let the handsome deputy U.S. marshal, an obnoxious ghost, or her own stubborn mule get in her way.

She’s Daring

Sam’s in trouble! Honey’s good with a gun but how many men can she best?

Don’t miss the second installment of Honey Beaulieu – Man Hunter!

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