******MOON OF THE WITCH by Lori Beasley-Bradley******#Sexy #Spooky #OneClick #Contest

Dalton La Pierre is an innocent who finds himself caught in the middle of fight between two covens. When one witch places the Loup-garou curse on him, he turns to another coven for help. 

Julia DuBois and her coven work to reverse the curse for her love interest before he doomed to change into a wolf-beast with every full moon. While she searches the Louisiana bayou for the necessary ingredients, her friends and family are attacked and Julia suffers a terrible loss, one she must set aside if she is to help Dalton.

The DuBois coven is pushed to the very witching hour by the wicked Althea Rubidoux and her Coven. 

Will the DuBois be able to save Dalton and bring Althea to justice for breaking High Council Law? Can love overcome the curse of the Loup-garou?

Buy Link: https://amzn.com/B01GIJB9ME

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