Author Spotlight: Edi Cruz

Once Upon a Nightmare



She was cursed as a baby, lived her life locked away in her tower, waiting for the one to free her from the bonds of the curse that imprisoned her.

He was a peasant boy, orphaned at a very young age, told to reclaim what was his.

A quest, one hundred years in the making, finally coming to light. But only to go through darkness.

It’s a twist to an old favorite—Sleeping Beauty as never before told.

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About the Author:

7200160Edi Cruz started writing at a very young age but didn’t dabble with it seriously until about eight years ago. She mostly writes fantasy, but dabbles in other genres. She is currently living in Phoenix, AZ with her husband, Frank, and is enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University Online pursuing a BA in English and Creative Writing, with a focus on Fiction Writing.
Aside from writing, Edi loves to read, mostly fantasies but is not afraid to read other genres. She also is an avid fan of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Bones, Castle, Criminal Minds, Sleepy Hollow, Glee, and Forever. She also loves to dance and sing, though her neighbors might not be big fans of hers.
She is a member of several writing groups but calls the SNHU Scribes her home, and the members are her family. She credits them for all the motivation, support, and encouragement that she has received from them, making her more confident with her writing.
Edi can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, Linked In, and Tsu. She loves hearing from new people and making new friends. Her biggest dream is to be a published author, not because of the fame, but to share her visions with the world.

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