Dare to Love Series

Dare to Love Series

For the hopeless romantics who enjoy a great romance this is the series!

Daring to Save Me


Deena Martes may have killed her ex-husband, Michael. She runs to New York City, to the only friend she has left, Isabelle Dare. Little does she know, the troubling business partners her ex left

behind have followed her. They want the evidence against them that she found in Michael’s office. The photos are worth more to them than her life. 

Detective Nikias Petras was asked by Decklan Dare to babysit his sister in law’s friend. Decklan thought this would help get Nik’s mind off the problems at work he’s had lately. But he can’t figure out, is Deena a murderer or just an abused wife who tried to protect herself? She’s beautiful, but is she worth it to deal with the drama that comes with her? As if he doesn’t have enough problems with staying sober and not losing his job. 

When Michael’s ex partners find her, trying to recover evidence she took from them, is Nik daring enough to save Deena?

Lover’s Dare


Walking away from the love of her life six years ago, Lauren Jenner has struggled to leave her reputation and old self behind. She works hard at advertising for Schiller Sports. Now she’s on her way to Miami for her chance at a promotion. 

Davis Green has never forgotten the woman who broke his heart, he hasn’t stopped loving her either. Getting pummeled on the field playing for the Miami Thunder, he’s worked his way through half the city in search of something to fill the hole in his life. 
Can they get over the past to be together again? Will betrayal 

The Wedding Dare


Lisa Saunders should be happy. Her best friend is getting married to a star player from the Miami Thunder. But instead of a wedding full of sexy, single football players to pick from, she’s stuck with Marc Green, the groom’s brother. So much for her wedding night one night stand. 
Bored with being one of the only two young singles at the entire wedding, Marc decides to make his own entertainment with his golden goddess. But can a simple game of Truth or Dare keep these two occupied, or will it turn into a hot, sexy night that neither of them will forget?

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Today I have a special treat! An interview with author N Kuhn

Elle: Tell a little about yourself. 

N Kuhn: I’m a single mom. I work from home so I can be with my mini me when she’s not in school. Besides writing, I run a full

advertising and promotional company for authors. I PA for some amazing women like Desiree Holt and Carly Phillips. I enjoy reading as much as writing, although I write romance, I prefer to read horror! I live in a small town and love it!  

Elle: What can you tell us about your books? 

N Kuhn: I vary. Some are Romantic Suspense. I’ve always loved action movies and try to bring that to my books. Strong men who are loyal, not jerks. As having left a domestic violence marriage, I try to bring the type of men to my books that I would want in my future. 

Elle: If a fiction writer, is any part of your book based on events in your life? 

N Kuhn: In Bare Christmas, there’s domestic violence in the beginning. The opening scene (minus how it ends) is something I went through with my ex husband. That book means a lot to me and is why I donate proceeds from it to a local DV Shelter in my

area. There are other experiences in my books. Personal things, I try to put something of my self into my characters or plot. 

Elle: What was the greatest challenge you faced with publishing your work? 

N Kuhn: Finding time to write! With having a 5 year old running around, wanting to play, running my company and still finding time for family, it’s hard for me to sit and write for hours at a time. I do a lot of writing from my phone on the go, while getting my daughter from school, or sitting at her ballet class. 

Elle: What are you currently working on? 

N Kuhn: Right now, I’m writing Going to the Chapel for Melody Anne’s Billionaire Universe Kindle World that launches later this month. I’ll also be writing a book for June, for Ruth Cardello’s Lone Star Burn Kindle World. 

Elle: Do you have an interesting writing quirk?  

N Kuhn: Not really. I’ve written books while my toddler watched Mickey Mouse Club House. I’ve written books while sitting at Starbucks. There’s not anything I really do every time I write or that I need. 

Elle: Do you have a favorite author or book? 

N Kuhn: Nelson Demille. I love his mix of conspiracy, military and sarcastic asshole characters! I fell in love with him when I watched The General’s Daughter with John Travolta. And then went to read everything he’s ever written. 

Elle: Describe yourself in three words. 

N Kuhn: Mommy want coffee

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