Violet Night Trilogy



Violet Night Trilogy.

Includes 3 full-length novels plus a never before published novella: Violet Midnight, Violet Dawn, Violet Storm, & novella: A Hunter Revealed.

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Back Cover Blurb:

After three months of silence, the black tattoo on Emma’s wrist glows with a vengeance once again, and that can only mean one thing…the vampires are back. But when she meets the mysterious Jake Cunningham, who has a few powers of his own, she may not be alone in the fight.

In the midst of battle, Jake and Emma find love, but as their adventures continue, that love—and their souls—will be tested beyond imaginable limits.

For this intrepid pair, staying together may be harder than staying alive.

Three full-length novels: Violet Midnight, Violet Dawn, Violet Storm. Plus a bonus novella: Witness the moment Emma woke up in the hospital with her emblematic purple eyes and glowing tattoo in the never before published novella, A Hunter Revealed.

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VNT Cynthia Eden Quote


An exciting and interesting take on vampire hunters. Move aside Buffy the vampire slayer, there’s a new slayer in town, Emma and she’s letting the dust fly.
The plot and progression of this story was entertaining building up to an unforgettable ending.
The characters were fun to root for the only problem was I wanted more details and development not only with the characters but their relationships as well. It was hard for me to connect with the characters especially in the beginning because of the lack of depth.
I really enjoyed the plot and overall story line but I wanted more. More details, more depth, just something a little more.
Overall the trilogy was kickass and entertaining. I loved the overall flow and storyline. I definitely recommend this to Buffy or any other vampire slayer fans out there.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Author Bio:

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author, Lynn Rush (aka Reese Monroe), hails from the land of 10,000 lakes and cold, snowy winters. She’s known to weave a little of that frigid Minnesota climate into her stories, but these days she much prefers desert living. She resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, and when she’s not busy writing her next trilogy, she can be found pounding the pavement, training for her next endurance event.

Connect with Lynn:

Instagram: @LynnRushWrites

Tumblr: @LynnRushWrites

Twitter: @LynnRushWrites



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