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James Pinard is a writer
of books, screenplays, graphic novels and poetry. Born in Hartford, Connecticut,
he currently resides in Orlando, FL where he works as a Computer Programmer for
an insurance company. He has two beautiful, awesome children Michael and Ariel
who inspired characters in his latest creation, “LAND OF THE LIVING.” 
His past works include
the short story “CREED” which was published in the PULP EMPIRE Collection Vol 1
and “DEARBORNE” in PULP EMPIRE Vol 2 by METAHUMAN PRESS available on Amazon. He
is also a Writer and Creator of the Comic series “LUCID WORLD” Issues 1 and 2
as a labor of love on a subject matter that is close to his heart. One of his
favorite subjects is time travel and his favorite decade is the eighties. After
having lost both his parents and his sister to cancer, he decided to come up
with a story about traveling to the 1980’s to see them again. The story just
grew from there and the rest as we say is history.    

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YEAR 2015.
Memory told him both of his parents and the woman he loved
were gone, but he slowly realizes that he’s traveled back in time to an
alternate version of the eighties. President Kennedy is still alive, and the
head of a secret time travel program, and perhaps the strangest thing of all –
his loved ones are still alive.
He faces a challenge for which he’s not prepared, but he
doesn’t have to fight his battle alone. To his amazement, his son, Michael,
travels back from the year 2035 to help him discover the true reason he was
sent back.
But another mysterious time traveler hunts him from the
shadows, and James’ journey becomes a race to save his future existence in the
Land Of The Living…


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Let’s look at a snippet!
I woke up in a drawer in the County
My eyes opened to see total darkness. I didn’t know where I was.
All I knew was that it was pitch-black in every direction and I couldn’t move.
Bam! Bam! Bam!
“Are you in there?” the familiar voice of a woman called
“Michael? Are you in there?”
I’m in here! I thought as I tried to
respond but the words wouldn’t come. I couldn’t move or talk. The drawer slid
open and the bright lights overhead blinded me.
“You made it! Are you okay?” Daria asked.
I sat up slowly as my eyes blurred and cleared, and blurred and
cleared again, just enough to see a beautiful young twenty-one-year-old girl
with short blond hair and blue eyes as she came into focus
“Michael? Is that you?” She asked again.
I stared back but didn’t know what to say. I tried to sit up in
the drawer while looking down at the shirtless athletic frame of my newfound
“Yeah it’s me. Wow. This kid can’t be more than twenty years
old.” I tried to stand but almost fell down in the process.
“Twenty-two to be precise, college student who died from a
drug overdose. No structural damage to the brain or the body.” Daria
responded with the facts.
“And yours? Wow! You look hot!” I couldn’t help but
“Thanks. Twenty-one year-old, also a college student. Also
died from a drug overdose. No structural or brain damage either.”
“I guess youth and beauty can’t buy you happiness.”
“Funny. We need to hurry before someone spots us.”
“Did we get in before decomposition set in?”
“Yes. They’ve only been dead for a few hours. Blood flow
should be back to normal with the increased brain activity. We’re good.”
Daria responded.
“If not, then I guess we’ll find out…” I tried to move
my legs but my body felt like it had been through a meat grinder. I looked down
and everything was still in place.
“Something’s wrong. I can’t move.” I announced.
The double doors to the morgue burst open and two young guys in
their late teens wearing hooded jackets and carrying handguns charged into the
I quickly pulled Daria down to the ground and slid off the drawer
before we were spotted. The two men scanned the room with their weapons while
Daria and I crouched down on the floor behind a table.
“Are you okay?” I whispered.
“Good. Because I feel like I can move now!” I said as I
leapt up at one of the men, took his gun, and forced him to shoot himself in
the chest. In another swift motion, I moved his arm out and pointed the gun at
the other man, and fired the weapon, sending a bullet that hit him directly in
the forehead, causing blood to splatter and the man to fall backwards.
“Do I know you?” I said as I stood over the young man
that I just shot in the chest, as he lay motionless on his back. The young
man’s eyes looked up at me. They were still full of life, but fading away quickly.
“I said do I know you?” I pointed the weapon directly at
the man’s head
“Are you Michael Creed?”
“I am.”
“I was sent here to stop you.” The man looked up at me
and stared dead in my eyes with whatever life he had left.
“Do you have a message for me?” I asked.
“The message is only this. What you are doing will destroy
what is left of the human race. Stop. More will come to hunt you down and kill
you. Stop. Kill yourself and the girl. Stop.”
“That’s the message?”
“Yes. That’s the message.”
“Any last words before I send you back?”
“They will find you and kill you.”
I looked over at Daria who nodded her head in acknowledgment.
“Really? That’s a shame. Good luck with that.”
A single shot rang out and echoed through the morgue.



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