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Dee Krull is a retired clinical hypnotherapist. She has a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy, specializing in Medical Hypnosis for which she spent twenty-five years in private practice in Southern California. She and her late husband chad retired in Tucson, Arizona in 2005 where she explored art, music acting, and writing. She has three children in Southern California, one who sdoped her in Sparks, Nevada  and seven grandchildren.


Author“The Saga of a World Called Htrae” was insired by her late husband’s love of science fiction and her own inquisitive nature of “what ifs.” It is a combination of science fiction, fantasy and her own knowledge of hypnosis.


Dee Wrote the first book in Arizona. When she decided to place the beginning of her story in Arcata, California it rekindled her love of the Northwest where she now lives with her boyfriend, Bob, and their family of pets; where she is busy writing her next book in the series.



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The fourth book in the series finds Laurel and Learden waging a deadly war with the aliens called priests.They are now using the portals to bring in another alien they call the ‘tall ones’ who communicate through their thoughts.

To make matters worse she finds that her mother’s sister, once thought to be dead, is alive and well and is a master of dark magick. she would have Laurel as her slave and her army at her command if she could gain the upper hand.

In order to keep her from doing just that Laurel and Learden must  separate so the ‘dark witch’ cannot use Learden to gain access to Laurel and her Guard. Apart they are devastated and must move on their own to combat the aliens.

Learden connects with his past and fights the aliens the only way he knows how, with his old crew and a few new ones as well.

Laurel and, Banrion, the giant white griffin, fight together from the sky while Learden fights on land and finds other ways to communicate with her. But when the aliens gain the upper hand Laurel is captured by a new faction of Elves and eventually finds new allies through them. They also help her search for Learden.

Meanwhile Learden is captured and escapes only to discover there is another danger to the planet and  it’s daoine, one that has been there before and they are more fearsome and evil than even the aliens who are preparing to bring them through the portals.”


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“What the hell?” I yelled. When I realized who had pulled me so abruptly away from healing Banrion, the flair of heat ignited in my face. My heartbeat was loud in my ears as anger filled my thoughts; I stared into the hostile face of a Vampire; Kronus.

Ignoring me he crouched low as he watched the griffin ready to kill her if she attacked.

He was still the tall, muscular, dark Hybrid that I knew intimately, but at the same time; he was different. He wore the black uniform of the Hybrid. His face was drawn, his features sharper and his eyes were blue crystals. His fangs below his upper lip sent the message, I have the power, and I knew he would not heed anything I had to say. My gut told me that I had to get, Banrion, into the sky and away from him. “Learden, my love, I am sending Banrion to get you, but you must be careful. Kronus will kill her if he can and I am wounded from trying to heal her wing. He stopped me from completing the healing and he has a crossbow.” I sent quickly. Learden’s thoughts were quick to respond, “We are on our way, Laurel, I will watch for Banrion and guide her to us. Stay alive, I will find you. I will rip out his heart if he touches you. What does he want?”

“I do not know, he is still threatening to kill Banrion, but so far he has said nothing.” I could tell Learden was angry, I could almost hear the growl in his voice.

I trained hostile eyes on him as I communicated with Learden giving away nothing to Kronus, “I should have known the stories were true.” I growled with every word. “How could you turn against your own kind? What do you have to gain by this Kronus?” Pain, sharp and hot, shot through my shoulder as I moved toward him. I grabbed my arm, trying not to show the pain on my face. I was glad, at least, that Banrion was fully healed. “I saved your life Kronus, and this is how you recompense my kindness?”

One corner of his mouth turned up as he made a mocking bow to me, “it is good to see you as well my queen.” I eyed him warily as he walked slowly around me, one eye still on the griffin. He reached out to press his hand down hard over the wound in my shoulder forcing me to my knees. The bleeding had slowed, but started again, with his abuse. Still; I could feel it healing, one of the perks of being Hybrid Vampire. I could not, however, stifle a groan; which brought a smile to his lips.

Banrion lunged at Kronus, her powerful beak open and ready to bite him if he came too close. “If I were you, I would back away; she could kill you with one bite.” I said; a malevolent smile on my face.

His smile faded as he stumbled back a few steps; his eyes guarded when he looked up at her. He pulled the crossbow from behind his back, “I think not, my queen,” He growled with anger, “she would feel the bite of my arrows before she had a chance. I would suggest you make her stay back if you want her to live.” He finished with a menacing growl.

“What do you want Kronus? I have already told Learden that you brought us down. He is on his way to find me and when he does, you will die. Withdraw while you still can,” I hissed at him. Banrion moved closer behind me and Kronus stepped back again. Holding my arm close to my body I tried to stand up while pulling my knife from my boot; hiding it in my hand by turning the tip of the dagger up my arm.

Before I could stop him he raised his crossbow and fired at, Banrion, narrowly missing her when she raised her wings. “That was a warning,” he growled. “The next one will be between her eyes.” “No!” I yelled moving in front of her; I dropped the knife back into my boot, then I frantically sent her an image of what would happen if she interfered; sending another image of her flying away. Holding my arms out in surrender, I begged him, “please do not harm her, she is only trying to protect me.” He just glared at me and kept his crossbow aimed at, Banrion’s head.

An image of Learden on her back flickered through my mind; I took a chance and turned my back on Kronus. Reaching up to stroke her neck, I returned her image and whispered, “Make it quick, he will try to shoot you down.”

When I turned back to Kronus, the crossbow was still aimed at her, but he could not watch us both. I lunged at him, knocking the bow out of his hands, making him lose his balance; then I heard the familiar sound of wings as, Banrion, took to the sky. When he realized she was gone he let out a low growl, “That was a mistake you will regret, Queen Laurel.” He grabbed my wounded shoulder and pushed me to the ground again. I fought back a whimper, trying to keep him from realizing the extent of my wounds but I could not keep him from seeing the tears in my eyes.

With the crossbow aimed at me, he leaned down and reached behind a rock; pulling a backpack out. “I guess we will have to do this the hard way,” he growled. He pulled out a brightly colored rope. “Turn around!” He said roughly.

I complied and he jerked my arms behind my back. “Ouch!” I complained. “You know you will never get away with this,” I said as I tried to pull away from him, “Learden will find me.” My first thought was how naive he was to expect ropes to hold me; he knew what I could do. But as soon as the rope touched the skin on my wrists I understood. They began to burn, as if he had set the rope on fire. I finally realized it was the rope the aliens use on the sand demons, to contain them, and I soon discovered I could not teleport out of them. When the ropes were secured he picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder. . . . . . . .

A Snippet From Chapter Nineteen – Learden

“These creatures are at least eight foot tall or larger; they are intelligent but brutal; they do not care if you are dead or alive as long as you do as they say you will live or maybe they will decide to take a bite of you and drain you dry.”

“If you get close enough to them they will pick up your scent and follow it until they find you. I have seen these things in action and unfortunately the one we found has my scent and from the way it looked at me, I think it caught my scent when I first saw it as a boy. The only good prehistoric Vampire is a dead one. And the reason they will not follow us into the caves is because I will make sure they are too big to fit into the cave I choose.”

Finally she nodded and looked away. I could tell I had sufficiently scared the cac out of everyone so I decided it was time to go before the aliens caught my scent again.

The rocks we were hiding behind were not sufficient enough to shield us if the alien Vampire caught wind of us so I sent Slade and Nullis to scout the base of the volcano on the north side. I knew it would be easier for Slade to communicate with his wolf. Keiadless, Snurkas and Ciral went south; Ellox stayed put with the three females and I went tree climbing to see what might be coming. I had a hunch they were not that far away; after all they had my scent. If I had to I would lead them away from the others but I was not sure if any of the others were close enough for them to pick up a scent. Either way, I decided to go as far away as I could and still have time to get back to the group. I found a very old tree that was probably thousands of years old. When I looked up I could not see the top; just what I needed. I sped up the tree with preternatural speed reaching the top quickly. When I finally found a good perch I started my perusal of the surrounding area and the incredible view of Lake Lysander, the town surrounding it and the tops of three volcanos; the highest being the one Laurel was hopefully still in. Just thinking of the ancient Vampire anywhere near her made the rage inside of me surface. I needed to find her and soon before she ventured out of the safety of the caves.

I had barely turned half way around when I saw the ship. It moved slowly under the branches of the trees and it was headed our way.





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