Rise of the Flame

“BEST fantasy book I read this year!” – The Grammar Babe

Rise of the Flame new cover

About the Book:
Six races. Four realms. One human girl who can bring them together in peace… or war.
Lilae has been hunted since the night of her birth, for she is heir to a god’s throne. But everything that her surrogate family has done to protect her may have been for nothing. After Lilae is stripped of her powers and enslaved by the emperor of the Mithrani, she finds herself desperate to survive in a strange new world.

On the other side of the world, Liam leads his army across the realm to protect the Tryans and the fairies from those who would do them harm. But when their odds of survival become next to impossible, he must set out on a journey to find a dragon, a child, and the blessing of a fallen god to aid him in the inevitable realm war.

The path forward for both Liam and Lilae seems clear, until their dreamscapes collide. But while they draw strength from their connection, Lilae may be falling for the emperor who should be her greatest enemy.



“This is my first book by this author and I couldn’t put it down. It was a thrill ride with interesting characters and a great storyline. I definitely recommend reading this.”- Rants and Raves with Yvonne


Purchase links:
Amazon http://mybook.to/eurachronicles
Barnes and Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/rise-of-the-flame-kn-lee/1122583112

“Her story has layers of realms and dimensions and just as many characters. She balances the story with the usual darkness wanting to destroy the light, one race wanting to wipe out the next. But, we have two characters, having had only a glimpse of each other between realms. Both intrigued and yet not quite sure what they experienced, and so we get to see how this unfolds and the tragedies and triumphs they will endure before they find one another. I am a dragon girl and when the dragon first appeared I was like YES!” -Denice Garrou, Author of the Dragonhorse Saga

My Review:
A dark and interesting new fantasy that blends elements of Lord of the Rings and the video game Heavenly Sword. Full of unique and intriguing races and powers, this book promises an unforgettable adventure despite some issues. For me, the story started off slow. It was a little hard to get into and took me awhile. But once I got to the second half of the book, it picked up and really captured my attention.
The different characters were enjoyable to read, I only wished there would’ve been more focus on who they were to get a better feel for them. I feel the same about the world. All we saw was such a small part of this huge world that I wanted more. Maybe in the next book we’ll get more of each world and race not to mention all the different powers. There are still so many questions left unanswered and I can’t wait for the adventure to continue.

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“Author K. N. Lee is skilled with the use of what makes fiction come alive for a reader: heroic characters who courageously face harrowing challenges, such as protagonists Lilae and Liam, formidable villains like Wexcyn and Dragnar, dialogue which flows as credibly as any given conversation in daily life, and, of course, enough compelling action sequences to keep the pages turning far into the wee hours of another morning’s dawn.”- Michael Holman. Author of Resolve and Retribution

About the Author:

K.N. Lee is an award-winning author that resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. When she is not writing twisted tales, fantasy novels, and dark poetry, she does a great deal of traveling and promotes other authors. Wannabe rock-star, foreign language enthusiast, and anime geek, K.N. Lee also enjoys helping others reach their writing and publishing goals. She is a winner of the Elevate Lifestyle Top 30 Under 30 “Future Leaders of Charlotte” award for her success as a writer, business owner, and for community service.


Her works include, Rise of the Flame, The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld, Dark Prophet, A Gifted Curse, Wicked Webs, Empty Your Heart, Pixie Dust, and the paranormal collection of short stories, Thicker Than Blood.

Author, K.N. Lee loves hearing from fans and readers. Connect with her!

www.twitter.com/knycole_lee | www.pinterest.com/knycolelee


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